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I’m so sorry.

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339184_438984629477348_1458384484_o Aleppo, Syria – Parents distraught over their son’s death. He was one of many killed in a Assad regime airstrike on a bread line.

The date is August 10, 2012 and I’m in my worst nightmare.

I’m in a jeep with Carlos, a Reuters correspondent, and three other independent journalists. Our driver, a Free Syrian Army (FSA) commander, is zigzagging around Aleppo’s alleyways to avoid the gaze of the pilot circling directly above us. When the F15 finally disappeared in the distance, five minutes of sheer terror were replaced with a sudden calm. That made no difference as what would happen next ended up living with me forever.

The FSA Commander – who will remain unnamed – in the driver’s seat picked up his walkie-talkie after hearing mutterings over the transmitter. Once told what happened, the mortified commander spun the car around and, just like that, we were heading to a scene…

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